You Can Now Have A Wee In Donald Trump’s Mouth At A London Pub

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You Can Now Have A Wee In Donald Trump’s Mouth At A London Pub

At last! Trump’s mouth has been put to good use. After having a super ‘Super Tuesday’, Trumpy is the hot favourite to become the Republican nominee for the 2016 US election…to most of mankind’s despair. But this dodgily haired – *dodgily everything* – politician is in fact taking part in a very different race. A race…wait for it…in piss. That is, to be precise, the Republican Urine Challenge. (It’s got a ring to it, hasn’t it?)

This is the scene at the pub down the road from me in London

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The Three Stags pub in Lambeth is hosting a poll where you can choose which Republican’s mouth you want to have a slash in; from Donald Trump, to Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Whoever the pub’s clientele most dislikes will receive the contents of their bladder. Simple. And three guesses for who’s winning this one? Oh you clever bogs, you. Yep, it’s big ol’ Trumper. With his big ol’ mouth. Pub owner, Richard Bell said: “Trump is pissing all over it. By 20/1! Everyone is peeing in Trump’s nut. I might take a dump in it. And have that filmed.” Nice. Now there’s a quote if we ever saw one. It seems that urine in a spot of trouble, Donny!

The official results of the poll will be delivered on Channel 4 programme ‘The Last Leg’ this Friday.

67/69 Kennington Road, London SE1 7PZ

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