Feisty One You Are! You Can Now Take Light Sabre Classes In London

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Every Londoner wants to escape the hubbub now and again. Whip out the colouring book, head to a Psycle class, drink… Now there’s a new way to bow out of the brouhaha. Learning to lift Light Sabres.

Thanks to Silver Sabres, a new combat sport is available in Central London that combines the discipline and mindfulness of martial arts with the deeply cool experience of becoming a Jedi. With two hour long classes for adults starting at 7pm, this is an exciting and totally unique mergence of Tai Chi with LED Light Sabres. If you can’t handle sitting about in gong yoga or if Barry’s Bootcamp is a bit too brutal, this sport will keep you both strong and stimulated.

Set up by Faisal Ahmed Mian and Nick Musson, they have over 25 years of experience in martial arts and Tai Chi as well as a large collection of swords. Faisal encourages the freedom of focusing purely on the movement of the glowing stick held in front of you and looking away from earthly problems towards a galaxy far, far away.

Full Jedi costume is encouraged.


(Feature Image: Silver Sabres via Facebook)

Abbie Moujaes

Abbie Moujaes

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