You Can Now Hurtle Down The Shard On A Virtual Reality Slide

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It’s London’s tallest building and now you can get the chance to whizz down it on a virtual reality slide.

Adrenaline junkies, listen up. The Shard, which just so happens to be London’s tallest building, (honestly you can’t miss its sharp glass point in the capital’s skyline) is now allowing visitors to hurl themselves around their impressive 800 foot tall building.

[The View From The Shard]
Visitors can zip down at a whopping 100 mph down wraparound open-air tubes but of course, it’s all imaginary so no risk of throwing up after this one folks.

To “fool the senses”, guests will be seated on a moving sloped platform to mimic the motion of the slide. The experience will last two minutes and is set to rival Stratford’s ArcelorMittal Orbit slide.

[Fred Mouniguet]
But good news – it’s only one of two thrill inducing virtual reality experiences coming to The Shard. The second, Vertigo, will probably give you just that as it allows visitors to tip-toe across girders in the sky. It’s set to be super hi-fi with sensors being strapped to legs and even, fresh air being introduced to simulate reality.

The experiences have been created by east London firms Inition and Happy Finish who have described how “with the Slide we directly evoke fear, joy and exhilaration equally”. Sounds like a pretty tame experience then?

The experiences are for over-12s only and will be included in the £26 View From The Shard tickets until August 4, after which a separate fee will apply.

If you’re looking for more thrills, why not check out the fastest city zip wire in the world that’s come to London.

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