You Can Now Get Money Back For Trains Delayed By 15 Minutes

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones

You Can Now Get Money Back For Trains Delayed By 15 Minutes

Delays. You gotta love ’em… There’s nothing like a delay to encourage some eye contact, mutters of mutual hatred of all rail services and maybe, just maybe, a smile (wishful thinking, perhaps). For those of you who use Southern Rail as a means of getting to and from London (we feel for you), there is some positive news to keep in mind next time you’re met with a dreaded delay. The rail company announced that passengers who experience delays of 15 minutes or more can apply for a refund for their ticket. Previously, refunds were only considered for trains delayed by at least 30 minutes.

The scheme, Delay Repay 15, was made public back in October and is now being brought into action. Passengers who apply for a refund when their delay is between 15 and 29 minutes are entitled to 25% of the single fare ticket price back (unless, that is, delays are caused by planned works). Any delays above 30 minutes and below an hour will be entitled to half the cost of a single fare. If you’re kept waiting between an hour and 2 hours you will be able to have the full price of a single fare returned. For the unfortunate amongst you who are delayed for over 2 hours, rest assured your entire return journey cost will be refunded, should you wish.

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