You Can Explore London’s Secret Tunnels And Disused Tube Stations!

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You Can Explore London’s Secret Tunnels And Disused Tube Stations!

London Transport Museum and Hidden London are giving you the opportunity to tour London’s top secret underground locations. Explore the city’s disused tube stations and subterranean shelters; some of which were once used for refuge during the Blitz. It’s a unique chance to visit spots in London that are otherwise inaccessible to the public!

Discover Euston’s lost tunnels and take a look at a collection of vintage advertisements that have been preserved over the years; check out the erstwhile Highgate Station, which is now an urban wilderness home for protected species; walk in the footsteps of Winston Churchill, who took refuge in the former Down Street station during the Blitz; or explore London’s first ever skyscraper, which was once London Underground’s headquarters. For more details, head to the website.

[London Transport Museum]
Tickets will be released this Wednesday (November 23) at 10am, but we recommend that you register online first. (You can also get a 24hr head start if you subscribe to the London Transport Museum newsletter before midnight tonight… but don’t tell anyone)!

P.s. Aldwych and Charing Cross stations are currently being refurbished but they’ll hopefully be available to tour again soon! 


[Feature image: London Transport Museum]

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