Just 6 Cute Campervans Londoners Can Hire For A Road Trip

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Camper Van Hire London

Someone call shotgun, because these cute London campervans are begging to be hired for a holiday.

Caravanning is something your dad does, yet somehow retro campers are bang on trend. You know #vanlife is a whole ‘thing’, right?

If you’d like a modish, sleepable vehicle for a long weekend exploring the country, there are a couple of providers out there for Londoners who’ve actually around to passing their driving tests. (You can tell you’re one of them, because your always seem to end up helping your friends move house.)

First up are Quirky Campers, who have vans to pick up around the country, but just two based in London. They’re both boxily functional on the outside, but inside, timber-clad dens of hygge.

Here’s Magic Mike, looking deceivingly vannish:


But it’s a super-cosy cabin within:

Campervan London

And here is Hector, a refurbished moving van from the outside:

Hector Outdoor
And on the inside!

Hector Indoor

In Dulwich, south-east London, rental service Dub Dub and Away have some classic VW campers you can borrow for a festival or road-trip. Feast your eyes on this:

Hire A Camper Van in London

You’ll be the chicest thing on the campsite, darling. They’ve got four camper vans to choose from, each sleeping two adults and two kids, depending on your exact favourite autumnal shade…

Vintage Camper Van Hire London

Find out when these babies are free on their website.

You’d really think there’d be more than these, but I can’t find any, so the article ends… here.

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