Discover The Secrets Of Camden Market On This Fascinating Tour

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Camden Market

History and mystery combine on this whistle-stop tour of Camden Market.

Quick question for you: what’s the only spot in the UK to be considered one of the Urban Wonders of the World? The West End, maybe? Perhaps Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, or maybe Bristol’s Suspension Bridge? All great spots, but London’s only urban wonder is Camden Market, home to street food, shopping, and a whole lot of history. And the best way to see it is with a one-of-a-kind guided tour.Camden Market

Escorted by a friendly and knowledgeable guide, this engaging tour takes you through the arcades of Camden Market, exploring every nook and cranny of this historic space. With industrial canals, old horse stables, and hidden shops, the area is a fascinating spot to uncover. You’ll walk through history, from Camden’s industrial beginnings in the 1800s, to the emergence of the market in 1974, right up to the food and shopping wonderland it is today. It also takes in the pop culture of Camden, so expect a fair few mentions of the celebrities and personalities who’ve graced NW1 through the years.Camden Market

The tour is all wrapped up in a very neat 45 minutes, so you can use your newly-gained information to keep on exploring – or hit the food market for a restorative bite (no judgement). Camden Market may get 28 million visitors a year – but you’ll be the most clued-up guest after this tour! Get some knowledge in you by picking up a ticket today.

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