16 Things We Learned Playing Pokemon GO Around Camden Market

This just may be the lamest thing we’ve ever done…  we at Secret London became one of those most hated of Londoners and with our iPhones clutched lovingly in our hands, we embarked on a secret Pokemon hunting mission – okay so it wasn’t THAT secret I mean it’s pretty obvious what you’re doing walking round eyes glued to your phone and smug smiles appearing on your lips when you make a particularly good catch. And yes, normally we’re on board with the whole ‘look where your going mate!! Put your phone down it’s just a f*cking computer game!!!’ but this was *research* which makes us very important and excludes us from the usual Poke-hate.

Anywaaaay, with it’s free wifi and multiple pokestops Camden market really is an ideal hunting ground to catch em all. Here are some of the our finds..


1. There are a LOT of Rattatas…


London is a city with one of the highest rat populations in the world – we’re certain this number is significantly increased by Rattatas.


2. Seriously, they’re everywhere.



3. Lurking around the market food.


4. Trying to blend in with the Cereal Killer Cafe hipsters…


(Cos Rattatas like overpriced bowls of Frosties too!)


5. They’re creatures of subtlety…


6. Camden’s not short of birds.



This particular Spearow is experienced in dodging market sellers.


7. And they’re die-hard Amy fans.
‘Take the pic now – you’re getting in people’s way!”
8. Stables Market is aactually bit of a barn yard for Pokemon…


9. And the guys at the Interchange Triangle even train their Pidgeys to play fusball…


10. Spearows are easily pissed off by tourists too.
Pokemon and human crossovers…
11. The Staryu that lives in Camden Lock is clearly a fan of ‘flavoured’ water.

12. Since the ride of Pokemon GO, Golduck has been hired as a doorman at Shakazulu.



13. The market fried chicken doesn’t sit well with Magikarp…


14. Nor does the falafel…



15. Krabby is fearful to be made into the next daily special at the market stalls.
He knows London loves crab soup…


16. Psyduck dreams of one day becoming a Meme…



(Because we’re nice…)


Photocredit: Annabel Usher

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