Bye Kids! An Adults-Only Playground Is Coming To East London

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A new playground is coming to London Fields this month for one weekend only and the best part? It’s exclusively for adults.

9NINE are bringing an adult playground to all of us childlike Londoners from 29th-30th July.

Release your inner child this month and frolick, jump and run around this playground in London Fields. There will be giant swings, see-saws and other nostalgic playground favourites at this completely free event.

[Brandon Couch]
When was the last time you hopped up on a swing and flung yourself back and forth trying to go as high as possible? Yeah we can’t remember it either and pushing your way to the front of the swing queue just isn’t socially acceptable.

Register for this free event here and 9NINE are hoping that donations from attendees can help support local play initiatives. 

Feature Image: Greg Goebel.

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