Brixton Market Is Up For Sale – But Don’t Panic (Yet)

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Brixton market

If you have a spare £30 million hiding in your sofa cushions, why not make a bid on Brixton market?

We love a good market here at Secret London, so the news that Brixton Market is up for sale had us a little worried. Where else are we going to get vintage clothes with a side of French-Brazilian fusion crepes? But before you start mourning the pride of Lambeth, or checking your bank account for the £30 million asking price (go ahead, we’ll wait), bear in mind that the market has weathered more than its fair share of storms over the years.

Brixton market
A world without crepes? It doesn’t bear thinking about…

A 2007 plan to demolish Granville Arcade in order to build ten stories of flats was, thankfully, halted by local opposition. The market was Grade-II listed in 2010, which forbids any major redevelopments, but concerns about its future are centred on creeping changes. Gentrification and spiralling rent prices have sparked well-founded complaints that the Caribbean elements and local flavours have been lost.

Despite this, the market has proved pretty resilient, and still offers a wide range of independent shops and funky eateries from around the globe. No offers have been made, and with a local community determined to fight for its preservation, Brixton Market isn’t going anywhere in a hurry.

Brixton market
Why not rock down to Brixton sometime, and then maybe take it higher?

So, having found that your bank account does not in fact contain £30 million, why not spend your money more sensibly (and deliciously), by supporting the businesses of Brixton Market? To be honest, we’d probably make an offer if we could meet the asking price, but sadly we aren’t known for having that kind of dough. We’re more interested in the delicious, o-shaped, deep-fried kind. Mmmmm…what were we talking about again?

Alternatively, get involved in preserving Brixton by entering their latest design competition.

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