The Bottomless Champagne Flute Is Here For Classy Ladies (Who Have Just Stopped Caring)

Bottomless Champagne Flute

If you’ve got plenty of prosecco, but are all out of fucks to give, here’s the accessory that’s been missing from your life.

The ‘Bottomless Bubbles’ champagne flute simply attaches to any bottle of champagne (or cava, or prosecco, or let’s face it, Lambrini) once opened.

Bottomless Bubbles Champagne

It allows any drinker to combine the timeless elegance of sipping sparkling wine from a glass, with the devil-may-care thrill of swigging champers straight from the bottle.

What could possibly go wrong?

Champagne Flute Accessory

The perfect gift for the borderline-lush in your life, even if that person is, in fact, you. Convenient? Certainly. Elegant? We’ll let you decide.

Thirsty to try it? It’s available here for £9.99.
Check out guide to bottomless brunches in London.

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