This Boris Johnson Lookalike Is Now Scared To Leave His House

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This Boris Johnson Lookalike Is Now Scared To Leave His House

It’s not been a great time for the popularity of the former Mayor of London recently, what with his strong #Brexit campaigns and decision not to run for the new leader of the Tory party the London public seem to have turned their backs (even further) on old Boris. Although it’s unclear whether or not this backlash has bothered Boris himself, someone it has worried is Drew Galdron; a Boris Johnson lookalike.

Supposedly working as a Boris lookalike (it’s a thing apparently) since 2007, Drew Galdron is concerned about his well-being following Brexit. It’s true that he does appear to be the spitting image of Boris, see for yourself:


Kindly reassuring the public with a comforting ‘I AM NOT BORIS’ t-shirt it’s hard to guess whether this is for comic effect or in fact Galdron’s own protection. I for one wouldn’t want to meet a disgruntled #Bremain supporter as the doppelganger for Mr Brexit himself.

Sadly, Gladron has confined himself to his own home telling The Sun ‘I’m used to people yelling things at me and trying to take pictures, but at the minute I’m worried something more serious could happen.’

Hopefully, Galdron’s London-based Boris street act will show the public that Gladron himself does not support Boris’ politics and we wont find ourselves with a Specsavers moment!

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