You’ll Have A Bolly Old Time At This Bollywood Brunch

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Bollywood Brunch

Expect glitz, glamour, and show-stopping dance numbers at the Bollywood Brunch.

Ask us how you could improve on bottomless brunch, and we’d tell you it’s impossible. Just can’t be done. But, if you found a brunch that combines street food, dancing, magic, and the colours of India – well, we’d take our hats off to you. Luckily, you don’t need to search, because our pals at Fever have already found it. It’s called The Bollywood Brunch, so grab your Bombae and pick up your tickets here.

Bollywood Brunch

The food is spicy, and the beats are spicier. The Bollywood Brunch brings along Desi and Punjabi beats from the house DJs, whilst there will also be lip sync battles and, most importantly, dance-offs. Bring your freshest moves though, because anyone who’s ever seen a Bollywood film knows that the dance routines are pretty unbeatable. There are also henna artists, magicians, and Indian drummers, for those who lack any and all rhythm.

Bollywood Brunch

As for the food, they’ve only got out and got one of the best street food traders in London to cater it. Rola Wala will bring their ‘twisted Indian’ offerings to the Bollywood Brunch. Expect the likes of chicken tikka with red rice, and a mouthwatering chocolate and cardamon spice cream sandwich to keep you satisfied at this brunch. Vegetarian and vegan options are also available, so no-one has to miss out on the deliciousness.

Bollywood Brunch

Oh, and the best bit of the whole affair? The bottomless booze, naturally. A full hour of delicious cocktails, which will no doubt give you enough Dutch courage for that dance-off. The Bottomless Brunch is being held at a secret London location (you know we love a good secret here), and runs every Saturday between June and August. Grab your tickets now, because you Bollywouldn’t want to miss this one.

Pick up your tickets for The Bollywood Brunch here, and check out more of Fever’s top events.

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