12 Outrageously Extra Jumpers To Keep Yourself Extra Warm

Don’t you deserve a massive cosy jumper that’s also COMPLETELY BANANAS?

In a taciturn city, why not let your apparel break the ice? Adorn yourself with a bold print sweatshirt guaranteed to attract an involuntary ‘WHOA!’ from colleagues, dates and perfect strangers. Here are a few options from two masters of the form, Beloved Shirts and Aloha From Deer.

1) If you’re a bit of a doughnut:

Doughnut Jumper
Pink doughnut jumper from Beloved Shirts.

2) If your name’s Rick:

Pickle Rick sweatshirt from Beloved Shirts.
Pickle Rick sweatshirt from Beloved Shirts.

3) If you’re sad for Drake:

Crying Drake Sweater
Crying Drake jumper from Beloved Shirts.

4) If you strongly prefer that people did not:

Please Do Not Sweatshirt
Please Do Not sweater from Beloved Shirts

5) If you are SHOCKED. SHOCKED:

Shocked Face Patrick Sweater
Shocked Patrick shirt from Beloved Shirts

6) If pizza is your personal brand:

Pizza Jumper
Pizza jumper from Beloved Shirts.

7) If you’ve got a heart of gold:

Gold foil sweater
Gold foil sweater from Aloha From Deer.

8) If for some reason you always have ibuprofen and whenever anyone gets a cold they’re always like ‘hey do you have any painkillers?’ but it just goes on and on until you’re like ‘GET YOUR OWN FRICKIN NUROFEN SUSAN’:

Pills print sweater
Pills print sweater from Aloha from Deer.

9) If you were born a unicorn.

Unicorn jumper
Unicorn jumper from Aloha from Deer.

10) If you too are full of earthly delights:

Garden of Earthly Delights Bosch Sweatshirt
Your Garden Sweater from Aloha from Deer

11) If you’re a baller:

Pokeball Sweatshirt
Poke Sweater from Aloha from Deer

12) If you just want to give everyone a big wave hello:

Great Wave Sweater
The Great Wave Sweater from Aloha From Deer
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