London’s First And Only Milk And Cookies Bar Is Pretty Damn Sweet • Blondies Kitchen

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London’s First And Only Milk And Cookies Bar Is Pretty Damn Sweet • Blondies Kitchen

London’s milk and cookies bar will send you right back to childhood bedtimes and provide comfort for when adulting gets hard.

Blondies Kitchen have been baking up a storm in the Selfridges foodhall for almost a year now, but the hype is still going strong. I mean, what could be better than fresh cookies dipped into soft serve, cereal milk ice cream? Or a mousse-filled cookie sandwich? Or simply a big tub o’ dough?

Soft serve cereal milk ice cream, topped with Nutella and Lotus biscuits ?

Blondies Kitchen is the UK’s first and only milk and cookies bar, and it certainly doesn’t waste that title. The venture was founded back in 2016 by two blonde foodies, Kristelle and Chelsie, who met over social media. After working as a team on other food-related projects, they took a trip to New York together and fell madly in love with American-style cookies. So, naturally, Blondies Kitchen was born.

The Icon Cookie sandwich ?

Their menu has evolved over the years, and now features a whole bunch of milky, crumbly goodness. You only need to stalk the Blondies Kitchen Instagram page to realise what these girls are capable of. (Spoiler: it’s hella dreamy and will make you EXTREMELY hungry.)

Coco Pops milk + Oreo cookies = pure happiness.

Head over to one of their locations for Coco Pops or Frosties-soaked milk, plus a huge variety of delicious, squidgy cookies to dunk right in. We also recommend their soft serve ice cream, topped with whatever chocolatey, biscuity wonders your heart desires.

Locations: Selfridges Foodhall, 400 Oxford Street, W1A 1AB ~~ or ~~ 1 Kingly Street, Soho, W1B 5PA.
Opening hours: see their website for both locations’ opening times. 
More information: on the Blondies Kitchen website.

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