The Newest Black Mirror Trailer Looks Like It’s For The Darkest Pop-Up Ever

Georgie Hoole Georgie Hoole - EXECUTIVE EDITOR

The Newest Black Mirror Trailer Looks Like It’s For The Darkest Pop-Up Ever

Black Mirror Season 4 is coming to Netflix UK soon, and the latest trailer looks like it’s advertising the Worst Pop-up Ever.

Netflix have been teasing us with sneaky peeks of Season 4 as part of their 13 Days of Black Mirror promotion. In the latest trailer release, we see a lone traveller (Letitia Wright) heading into The Black Museum, an exhibition filled with “authentic criminological artefacts” that “ain’t for the faint-hearted”. The museum’s owner and proprietor (Douglas Hodge) explains that “there’s a sad, sick story behind most everything here” and goes on to reference the mysterious main attraction, and something about how you can “inflict pain on yourself, but not terror”. SpooOoooOoky.

As a first for Black Mirror, it appears that this episode will have a direct connection to previous episodes, most notably Season 2’s White Bear episode. The trailers shows a mug shot of Victoria Skillane, whom the 2013 episode focused on, as well as a replica of the distinctive white masks that featured in the show. This seems to suggest that, even if they’re set in totally different time frames, these two episodes are at least set in the same universe.

We’re told that Black Mirror: Season 4 will be released some time before 2017 is out, but no dates have yet been confirmed. For now though, keep your eyes peeled for more teasers ?

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