A Big Thumbs Up For Trafalgar Square’s Fourth Plinth

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We’ve had some pretty spectacular artwork on the fourth plinth, including a ship in a bottle, a boy on a rocking horse, and even a giant blue cock*. But as of yesterday (September 29) we now have a giant thumbs up called “Really Good”. The sculpture is literally 7 metres of disproportionate bronze thumb and was created by 2013 Turner Prize nominee, David Shrigley. We’re not sure if the piece is meant to be sarcastic or optimistic, but our jolly Mayor, Sadiq Khan, reckons its “positivity and humour” really “encapsulates the spirit of London”. Alright then mate, if you say so.

The Fourth Plinth programme is an opportunity for top artists to showcase their work to the capital, and the chosen artworks always encourage great discussion and debate (i.e. they’re always a bit weird). This current commission is the 11th to grace Trafalgar Square, and is supposedly an endeavour to “make the world a better place”. Not entirely convinced about that but hey, we could do with a bit of positivity in this world at the moment, so we reckon this sculpture is a Really Good one.

Suns out, thumbs out. #ReallyGood 👍

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Georgie Hoole

Georgie Hoole

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