Could This Be A BIG Clue To What The John Lewis Christmas Advert Will Be?

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones

Could This Be A BIG Clue To What The John Lewis Christmas Advert Will Be?

The only reason I watched the X Factor live at the weekend was because I wanted be amongst the first to catch the much-anticipated John Lewis Christmas ad, which was rumoured to be hitting our screens. But alas, I wasted hours of my life watching trash telly (despite Simon Cowell being my guilty pleasure) without any need to reach for my box of tissues. Well, other than during Honey G’s painful performance.

Nothing says Christmas like the JL ad; not even the Oxford Street lights. Nothing manages to wrap up the heart-warming, occasionally tearful festive season in a tighter, commercial package. It’s clear that John Lewis are using the nations’ anticipation to their advantage – dangling their advert like a carrot on a string. But keen eyes on Twitter have spotted the appearance of an account – @bouncing2016. You might remember the Twitter account of ‘the Moon’ that was created before the release of the full length television advert year’s advert. Well, this year’s potential  anonymous Twitter account has shared a single ten second clip…

Could this be what we’ve all been waiting for? It seems very ‘John Lewis-y’. There have been other rumours of what the John Lewis advert could be about. The Metro reported that the Twitter account Kevin the Carrot could potentially be a John Lewis ploy, but it turned out to be Aldi. Others have also been fooled by a video involving snowmen in a snow globe, which turned out to be a student’s project. Whatever this year’s ad, we’re waiting eagerly to discovery what #BounceBounce could mean and if it’s the key to the footage that will be warming our cold hearts this November. For now, let’s watch Monty the Penguin, because he’s the best.

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