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Stick A Pork In It! 10 Of London’s Best of the Wursts For British Sausage Week

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Chili Dog

Seriously, who comes up with these weeks/days? We’re not complaining mind, any excuse for a bit of sausage (naughty).


1. Dirty Bones

Dirty Bones
[Dirty Bones]
Get your mince pies around this hunk of deliciousness! This is the Dirty Dog, as made by the crew at Dirty Bones. It’s made up of a pork dog dressed in BBQ pulled pork, crispy bacon, jalapeño cheese sauce, and crispy shallots.

More info about Dirty Bones here.


2. Herman ze German

[Herman ze German]
Sometimes ze traditional way is ze best. That’s why you should take a trip to Herman ze German: for a lesson in how to do hot dogs, German style. Bockwurst, bratwurst, chilli beef hot dogs… they do it all. And they’re topped with whatever you want: sauerkraut, fried onions or just a delicious slick of piquanté mustard. Zis is a must-do on ze hot dog scene!

More info about Herman ze German hier.



[Try This For]
CANDOGS is situated just a hop, skip and a jump away from Old Street Station. They have 8 delicious types of hot dogs to try, including The Firestation, made with crispy onions, slaw, bacon and hot sauce, and The Hipster, which boasts BBQ pulled pork, a pickle spear, crispy onions and BBQ sauce. BBQ-licious, baby!

More info about CANDOGS here.


4. BubbleDog

With a tagline of Champagne and Hot Dogs, what is not to love about Bubbledog. The dry sensation from the champagne mixes so perfectly with their juicy variety of hot dogs that you’ll dream of it for weeks! Take a trip to India with their Trishna hot dog, which packs in Trishna mango chutney, spicy mint, coriander sauce and
sev into the bread/meat combo. Mindblowing.

More info about Bubbledogs here.


5. Meat Mission

meat mission
[Meat Mission]
As a part of the Meat Liquor group, which has restaurants and bars dotted across the country, Meat Mission must be doing something right. And they are indeed. Get your mitts on their Chilli Dog and you’ll never want to leave the place. It features their own smoked beef frank in a bun, topped with beef chilli, cheddar cheese, onions, jalapeños and French’s mustard. Get in mah belleh!

More info about Meat Mission here.


6. Engine Hot Dogs

Engine Hot Dogs
[Engine Hot Dogs]
Engine Hot Dogs is the name of a hip street food van that serves American style hotdogs and chorizo from a vintage fire truck. Founded in 2010, they’ve been tearing up the streets for a while now, slinging the hottest sausage in town. Check out their menu online, which includes The Chorizo, a hot grilled chorizo sausage, topped with roasted red peppers, rocket and chilli jam, or even The Green Machine (v), a beechwood smoked veggie dog, topped with homemade triple cheese sauce and caramelised red onion chutney. Om nom nom for both carnivores and herbivores!

More info about Engine Hot Dogs varying locations here.


7. All Stars Lanes, Brick Lane

All Star Lanes
[All Star Lanes]
Bowling with hot dogs: it’s the American dream, but on Brick Lane! Apart from thrashing your best friends with your top notch bowling prowess, you should also thrash All Stars’ Top Dog, made from a Dingley Dell pork frankfurter, brioche sub, beer fried onions, tomato ketchup and deli mustard. Add slow-cooked beef chilli for 3 quid more and you’re in heaven.

More info about All Star Lanes here.



[Guerilla Gourmande]
This goes without saying. If you go to IKEA for a lamp, a cheap rug and about 300 candles (the most essential component), you have to have a hot dog at the end. It’s not that it’s the most delicious of dogs, nor is it the most aesthetically pleasing. It’s simply an obligation. And with unlimited mustard and ketchup, who’s complaining?

More about IKEA stores and their hot dogs here.


9. Big Apple Hot Dogs

Big Apple Hot Dogs
[Big Apple Hot Dogs]
As you could guess by the name, Big Apple Hot Dogs take New York as their inspiration, but create their meaty tubes in good ol’ London Town. BAHD are the suppliers to many great hot dog stores, but we’re introducing you to the main man! All their sausages are made locally using only high quality ingredients (there’s no gluten or bulking agents) so you’ll get none of the nasty gristly bits you find in cheaper sausages. Buy your own dogs straight from BAHD and you’ll be hosting the most memorable BBQs in no time!

More info about where to get Big Apple Hot Dogs here.


10. Not Dog

Not Dogs
[Not Dogs]
And last but not least, it’s time for the veggie sausages! The aim of Not Dogs is to provide food lovers with a delicious, fun, quality menu to excite and amaze. Not Dogs is an all-veggie company and taste and satisfaction is of upmost importance. Veggies, vegans and meat-eaters alike cannot resist the unique menu of Not Dogs, including burgers, breakfasts, sides and fries.

More info about Not Dogs here.


[Featured image: The Beeroness]