The Victoria Line Is The Best Line, Don’t @ Me

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Victoria Line Best Underground

Londoners recently voted for their favourite tube line. They chose the Jubilee. They were wrong, because the Victoria Line is obviously the best.

SURE, it’s the most Underground-y Underground line.

Victoria Line
Photo: @inherownlittleworld85

It’s the only line which runs underground for it’s entire length. It does not flirt with the open air. It shuns the accursed sunlight. It stays deep in the darkness, where the tube belongs.

And yes, the moquette is fit.

Victoria Line moquette
Photo: @whatsmymoquette

I’d like a sofa made of that please.

It’s the nicest colour on the tube map.

Victoria Line Baby Blue
Seven Sisters, 1969. [Postcard found by IsarSteve]
Oh, those baby blues.

And all but one of the stops connects to another line.

Victoria Line Diagram

The Victoria brings London together. (Except at Pimlico.)

But most importantly – she’s fast as hell.

Tube Line Speeds
via randomlylondon.com

If you need to go quick, then just get the Vic. Did you know runs every 100 seconds in the morning?

In fact, I like to call her...

Blue Thunder

Everything is faster by Victoria, as Londonist recently explained. STRAP IN, SUNSHINE.

The Victoria bosses the Piccadilly Line.

Piccadilly versus Victoria Line

Going from Turnpike Lane to Knightsbridge, for example? It’s literally quicker to get off the Piccadilly at Finsbury Park, get on the trusty Vic, and then back on the Piccadilly at Green Park. That’s crazy. But TRUE!

It absolutely drags the slow-coach Northern Line.

Victoria Line London Underground

That’s right, it’s EIGHT MINUTES FASTER quicker to get off at Stockwell, take the Vic to Euston and get back on the Northern Line. Eight minutes! That’s enough time to have a croissant and a quick cry about your life.

It’s there for you at the most surprising times.


Thought you’d get the Piccadilly from Natural History Museum to King’s Cross St. Pancras? WRONG AND WRONG AGAIN. Don’t be a chump, get the Circle two stops to Victoria and then grab the Quicktoria up to Kings Cross, three minutes faster than the line I now only refer to as the ‘Dark Blue Disappointment.’


Victoria Line
Photo: @monokraum

All hail the monarch of the metro, the Queen of Tubes, that subterranean sprinter, the greased lightning that is, the one, the only: the Victoria Line!

Brixton Underground Station
Photo: @stefaniacuri

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