24 Hours In Peru! 3 Sizzlin’ Spots For A Lima Lover – Without Leaving London

Tabby Powell-Tuck Tabby Powell-Tuck

24 Hours In Peru! 3 Sizzlin’ Spots For A Lima Lover – Without Leaving London

South American food has taken London by such a storm in recent years that an eating tour of Peru no longer sounds as silly as it might seem. Londoners love it. We love it. In fact, we could rave about it til the llamas come home. You’ll be pleased to know that the Secret London tour of Peruvian cuisine doesn’t involve any over-enthusiastic Americans or bum bags. Or big double decker buses. It’s just breakfast, lunch and dinner at three of the tip-top hottest spots in town. We’re pretty cool like that. 


1. Breakfast at… Lima Floral, Covent Garden

LIMA Floral breakfast - Cinco Estrella -min

Lima Floral, the sassy little sister of Michelin star restaurant Lima Fitzrovia, has recently launched a new breakfast menu, available daily from 8.30am-10.30am. We’ve harped on endlessly about how much we love the food at Lima Floral and we were relieved to find that the pisco sour(…sorsix) that we tend to knock back when we go there have never clouded our judgement. Because breakfast at Lima Floral is exquisite – and there’s not a drop of pisco in sight.


Washed down with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, the food remains as fresh, vibrant and colourful as it is when the lights go down. Try the Andean Cereal Porridge (toasted grains of quinoa, kiwicha and kañiwa cooked in almond milk and served with chancaca syrup) for a wholesome start to the day or the poached eggs with avocado, spinach and rocoto pepper jam present a zingy twist on an English classic. 

14 Garrick Street, WC2E 9BJ


2. Lunch at…Pachamama, Marylebone


Here’s why we love lunch at Pachamama… They call it ‘brunch’. And it happens all day. (And everyone knows brunch is the best meal of the day). It’s even better when it involves ‘the best burger in London’ – a pretty big claim when you consider the colony of beef patties that have invaded London steadily over the last decade. But this Galician beef burger with bacon chicharron, smoked Cornish cheddar, aji rocoto ketchup and aji amarillo mustard certainly brings something new to the table – and we’d be inclined to agree.


And here’s why we love lunch at Pachamama in October… To celebrate their 1st birthday and Head Chef, Adam Rawson, winning ‘Best Chef’ at this year’s Young British Foodie Awards, they’re giving a free seabass ceviche to everyone who books a lunchtime table this month. We couldn’t think of a better reason to take an extended lunch break.

18 Thayer St, W1U 3JY


3. Dinner at…Señor Ceviche, Soho


All hail Señor Ceviche, aka Harry Edmeades. With more passion for Peru than a youngster on a gap yah (take that as a compliment), he serves up his tapas style plates of street food, fresh fish and fiery BBQ with an accompanying speech on its provenance and a totally infectious love for his job. Starting life as a pop-up, Señor Ceviche has developed into a permanent restaurant at Soho’s foodie kingdom, Kingly Court. Buzzing on a Friday night, the interiors are an homage to the bohemian streets of Lima’s party district, Barranco, and after a few sips of an “Uncle Pastuzo’ (it involves marmalade…but it’s damn good) you’ll certainly be in the mood for a fiesta.

Senor Ceviche-006 11-min

Because that’s what it’s all about at Señor Ceviche. More relaxed than its ‘upmarket’ rivals, it may not have a Michelin star but the delicious small plates of fresher-than-fresh fish and peppery chargilled chicken are the perfect size to fire up your evening and put a spring in your step. And don’t forget the cheesecake – DEAR GOD, don’t forget that cheesecake.

Kingly Court, Kingly St, W1B 5PW

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