The 3 Best London Steak Restaurants To Try Before You Die

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The 3 Best London Steak Restaurants To Try Before You Die

‘Who do they think they are?’ you may ask. STEAKS?! On a MONDAY? Blimey… We know, we know. But these melt-in-your-mouth meats are just TOO good to go unmentioned. And we couldn’t keep in our excitement. Sharing is caring, and we want to share these steak secrets with you…they would be a BIG mis-steak to miss, after all.


1. Hawksmoor, multiple locations.


More like, ‘gawks-moor’… Seriously jaw dropping; this restaurant is on another level delicious. With some of the friendliest (and most knowledgeable) staff we’ve ever encountered and the best steak to have graced our lips, Hawksmoor gets a huge ‘well done’ from us. Not that they need it. Renowned for having the best meat in Shoreditch, over the years they have opened up more and more restaurants across London, creating a meaty-mania that is very hard to shake.


The staff are terrific at explaining the differences between the cuts (as well as which cocktail goes best with what…in fact, the staff are terrific at everything), and the fantastic menu doesn’t stop at beef. Bone marrow and lobster are also main features, with their desserts being downright to die for. Whatever you do though, do not let the prices put you off. If you want to enjoy a delectable meal that will probably change your life without ‘butchering’ your wallet (haha), then come on a Monday! With BYOB for £5 (£25 every other day), you won’t feel the sting that boozey-banqueting typically leaves once the bill has arrived.

157A Commercial Street, E1 6BJ


2. Goodman’s, multiple locations.

Appropriately named, whoever started these series of restaurants is indeed a GOOD MAN. With six tonnes of meat ageing on site, wine from 30 different sources and the steaks cooked in specially imported charcoal ovens, it is truly a dining experience that will make you say ‘cow-za’!

[London Food Freak]
With a sample lunch menu and three different evening menus over the three different restaurant locations, there is SO much to try. There are an impressive variety of side dishes, (from truffle chips to lobster mac and cheese) and an equally extensive wine menu, making the experience both tasteful and tasty.

24-26 Maddox Street, W1S 1QH / 11 Old Jewry, EC2R 8DU / 3 South Quay, E14 9RU


3. Flat Iron, multiple locations. 

[Red Carnation]
Industrial-chic, decorated with meat cleavers and aprons, this understated restaurant is an absolute treat. Selling only one steak, (the ‘flat iron’ steak, would you believe it), for £10, it’s a bargain as well as taste-bud heaven. No reservations and no fuss, this is simple and delicious food at its best.

17 Beak St, W1F 9RW / 9 Denmark St, WC2H 8LS

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