The Coffee Snob’s Survival Guide: Where To Find The Best Lattes In London

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 We’ve selected our favourite London coffee shops to satisfy even the pickiest latte art lovers.

Do you travel with your own cold drip brewer? Refuse to drink instant? Sugar shame those who add the sweet stuff? We think you might be a coffee snob, and this one’s for you. We’ve put together a comprehensive round up of the best java in London for those who find that nothing perks up your mood more than a perfectly brewed cup of covfefe…

1. Coffee Island

[Coffee Island]
These specialty coffee brewers are offering ‘a sensory delight which combines a cosy ambience with unique coffee aromas’ just off Charing Cross Road. They’ve got a choice of five different coffee blends and they brew them in various hipster-esque ways. They even use a bowl of hot sand to make Turkish-style coffee; it has to be seen to be believed.

2. Origin

[Origin Coffee]
This shop is aiming to ‘help raise coffee standards throughout the UK’ one flat white at a time. They’ve got a few locations across London, so you’re never far from a decent brew. They even hold weekly barista skills workshops for aspiring latte artists. An artless latte is just a foamy mess, after all.

3. The Attendant

[The Attendant]
The Attendant Fitzrovia might be housed in a former Victorian toilet, but you shouldn’t let that put you off. They roast their carefully selected coffee beans themselves and that same amount of care goes into each cup of coffee they serve to their loyal customers. You can find them at three different London locations.

4. Kaffeine

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The owners of Kaffiene coffee have certainly put a lot of thought into their menu. Each coffee comes in a specifically selected size ‘to reflect and respect the true flavours of the coffee’ and the detail doesn’t stop there. Their baristas are held to the highest standards, if you ever want to work there you’ll need at least three years of continuous experience, so their espresso is certainly not to be sniffed at. You can find them at two different locations in Fitzrovia.

5. Monmouth Coffee Co.

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This London coffee institution has something of a cult following. It might even be impossible to have a conversation about coffee shops in London without hearing somebody pontificating on the virtues of Monmouth coffee. They’ve got three London coffee stops, so you might as well just go and try it for yourselves.

6. Story Coffee

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Story Coffee in Battersea is the perfect place for a friend date over a flat white, if you can manage to find a place to sit, that is. Its Scandinavian style decor and perfectly presented cups of coffee hit all the right notes. Simple, yet effective.

7. Flat White Soho

[Flat White Soho]
Don’t visit this place for the food, visit for the coffee – which is undeniably excellent. Bringing London a taste of the coffee culture of Australia and New Zealand, these guys reckon they’re serving the best cup of coffee this side of the equator. You’ll find them in the heart of Soho, as their name suggests.

8. Curator’s Coffee

[Curators Coffee]
Curators Coffee’s house espresso is roasted exclusively for them, so they’re another great option when it comes to quality. They’re dotted across the capital with Curators Coffee Gallery in Oxford Circus, Curators Coffee Studio in The City and a tiny little pop-up shop in the heart of Camden Market.

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