Scoop Up! 5 Of The Most Lickable And ‘Likeable’ Ice Creams In London

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Scoop Up! 5 Of The Most Lickable And ‘Likeable’ Ice Creams In London

We have serious city envy after a cafe in Prague introduced the doughnut ice cream cone [pictured above]. It’s only a matter of time until that craze comes to London. Until then, we can happily enjoy the tasty frozen goods that our fair city already has to offer.


1. Chin Chin Labs


Since chef-come-mad scientist Heston Blumenthal lead the way for nitrogen created ice cream, others have followed suit. Tucked away near Camden’s lock, Chin Chin Labs dish up delectably smooth nitro ice cream. Everything is frozen to order and the process itself is a marvel to watch. They often experiment with new flavours, but if you want something particularly indulgent, then go for the ‘Warmie’, which is nitro-frozen ice cream on top of a warm brownie. Ahhhhhh.



2. Four Winters


Another nitro-inspired store is the newly opened Four Winters, who aim to ‘freeze the seasons’ with their innovative methods and tasty creations. After launching earlier this month, they’ve been freezing up a vast range of flavour combinations to Londoners. Celebrating their launch, they’ve reinvented the capital’s favourite tea time treat in the ‘Aftertoon Tea’ by marrying a sweet cream base with bite-size chunks of scone and swirls of homemade jam.



3. Oddono’s


To date, the guys at Oddono’s have created and scooped up over 130 flavours to Londoners, ranging from classic gelato to chocolate ginger and chilli. They’ve even gone a bit modern-age crazy by bringing back the ‘Whatsapp’ and ‘Facebook’ themed flavours. We always wondered what our Newsfeed would taste like…



4. Scoop


Scoop have numerous parlours across London, including Covent Garden, Soho and South Kensington. Their vibrant, colourful and lick-able gelato is made with only natural ingredients. If we could lead a guiltless existence, we could happily live off their Amaretto ice cream. But if you’re after something more refreshing (and slightly healthier), then their real fruit sorbet selection is a tasty substitute.


5. Udderlicious


Next time you’re in Islington (and the sun is on your side), pop into Udderlicious. This ice cream parlour, which is run by married couple, Raj and Raj, offer a thoughtful and lovingly made selection of flavours to load into your cone. They source their ingredients from British cows (by ingredients we mean the milk, obviously, not fruit, chocolate or caramel. Although chocolate milk producing cows would be dreamy), in order to support our farmers. The flavour menu changes frequently, but is based upon what customers are hankering after – Udderlicious ask you to vote online for the flavour you most want to try! To have a look and vote for your favourite, check out their website.

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