4 Extravagant (Birthday) Cakes To Treat Someone Special In London

Tabby Powell-Tuck Tabby Powell-Tuck

4 Extravagant (Birthday) Cakes To Treat Someone Special In London

You could seriously make someone’s birthday with these jaw-dropping creations from our fave bakeries in London. OR you could simply pretend that it’s someone’s birthday. In fact, these cakes are so goddamn incredible, that you don’t need an excuse to buy one. These cakes alone are enough for a celebration – they’re colourful, layered, icing-covered structures of greatness. Just promise to save us a slice. 


1. Bake-A-Boo


When Bake-A-Boo do birthday cakes, they go all out on the sugar. An 8 inch celebration cake will serve 8 adults or about 16 kiddies (we’d love to see what an eighth of the above cake would do to them)… They’re all custom made and if you’ve got a food intolerance, they certainly don’t discriminate. From gluten-free cupcakes to dairy-free vegan slices, you name it, they got it.


Order online or visit their pretty-in-pink tea shop in West Hampstead.

86 Mill Lane, NW6 1NL


2. Lily Vanilli


Hands down the prettiest Instagram account in the world, Lily Vanilli keeps her cakes fresh, well-balanced and achingly attractive. They’re sculptural masterpieces, exercises in floral flirtation  – every little girl’s dream dessert. Her little bakery just off Columbia Road is only open on Sundays so it makes the perfect pit-stop if you’re checking out the flower market. The possibility to order cakes online is coming very soon, so pay close attention to her website. And make someone very, very happy on their birthday.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 16.17.56

6 The Courtyard, Ezra St. E2 7RH 


3. Crumbs & Doilies

crumbs and doilies

Oh dear Lord, Jemma Wilson sure knows how to bake. Foodtube sensation, with over half a million subscribers, CupCakeJemma is also the proud owner of the Crumbs and Doilies cupcake shop in Kingly Court. From 4 layer caramel biscuity masterpieces to cookie dough towers iced together with vanilla buttercream, her cakes are always aesthetically adventurous and they never compromise on taste. The Unicorn cake, made with ‘funfetti’ sponge, rainbow ombre fade, white chocolate drip and scratch-made circus meringues is the most playful birthday cake around. Just imagine the smile on a little girl’s face.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 15.03.07

Order online or pay the Kingly Court kingdom a visit…

1 Kingly Court, W1B 5PW 


4. Molly Bakes


Have you ever seen anything more decadent than that Piñata cake on the right? Slice down through the centre of the gloriously fluffy sponge and a waterfall of sweeties will come cascading out – much less intimidating than whacking a papier mache donkey on a string! The cake pops are also utter genius: little balls of dense, truffle-like cake mixture, they may look small but they’re certainly mighty. From mini sushi to emoji, there’s a cake pop for every event. For that reason Molly Bakes gets a big emoji thumbs up from Secret London. ?


Order the cakes online here.

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