Berlin’s Famous Outdoor Karaoke Party Is Coming To London

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Bearpit Karaoke

Get ready to belt out a power ballad at this massive singalong session.

Every Sunday, Berliners (and visitors) gather at the Mauerpark for ‘Bearpit Karaoke.’ This al fresco sing-off sees brave members of the public take centre stage in the midst of a big concrete amphitheatre and perform their choice of song to their fellow attendees – with varying levels of success. [Photo: @shfantastic]

As organiser Joe says,it really started from a very simple idea:

1. Coax a random stranger into singing karaoke in a park.
2. See if a crowd gathers and hangs about to watch.
3. If one does, then try to coax somebody from said crowd into singing karaoke too.
4. Repeat steps 1-3 until the batteries go dead.

Now the format is coming to London for two three-day sessions! Organiser Joe Hatchiban is bringing the Bearpit to Vauxhall Gardens in south London, on Thursday and Friday evenings (from 6pm) for some post-work caterwauling and Saturdays for families (from 3pm.) The dates are Sep 15 – 16 and Sep 28 – 30.

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So get practicing your best Beyoncé and give it a go. Follow their Facebook event for updates.

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