The Bendy Buses Could Actually Be Coming Back To London

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The snake-like buses that got ditched by Boris could make a comeback to the capital.

London Assembly’s Transport Committee have been in talks with the London Mayor to consider bringing back the bendy buses onto our roads again.

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This is all due to a new report that’s been assessing how to improve the average Londoner’s bus usage after figures show that not everyone enjoys a relaxing bus ride as part of their commute.

The 60-foot long buses were scrapped in 2011 after the former mayor, Boris Johnson, stated that they were never suitable for London’s narrow roads. They were mostly replaced by the really quite warm Routemaster-esque ‘New Bus for London.’

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The Transport Committee have said that the bendy buses “provided both a higher capacity and faster loading/unloading than standard double decker vehicles”. So we guess they were a lot more useful to London’s bus service than everyone thought?

TfL are also thinking about introducing Wi-Fi onto London’s buses.

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