Beer Tour: My Kind of Tourism

Tom Livingstone Tom Livingstone

Beer Tour: My Kind of Tourism

Finally! A tour I actually want to go on. Taking people round all the best watering holes of East London. Forget oversized maps and statue-side selfies, this Alternative London tour shows you the REAL London. The London you actually want to see, that is. Tickets are £25 with Fever, which includes 4 drinks in 4 separate pubs and 1 guide (which will probably be useful later on in the night).

[The bank holiday is fast approaching…]
The tour, which starts at 3:30pm, is designed to show London through the ages, with stops at historical Victorian public houses as well as modern city boozers. So you might be able to drink up a little bit of culture, if you’re into that. If not, I guess it’s just an excuse to start the drinking early. Lasting for roughly two and a half hours, the tour leads nicely into Saturday’s proceedings. Starting at sober, Alternative London’s route will take you via tipsy before finishing up in pissed. By which I mean that the tour starts at Dirty Dick’s (*sniggers*), I don’t know where it goes next.

dirty dick's

As mentioned, the experience includes 4 drinks on the route and guidance from a professional. You can book the tour for tomorrow HERE, there are still a few places. Or, if you’ve already got plans, the tour runs every Thursday and Saturday, so download the app and keep an eye out for future events.

What’s that you say? You’ve never used the app before and you’d like a reward code for £5 credit. Ok, but don’t tell anyone else. How about, um SECRETLASH? Fever have given us 20 codes, so enter it now in the rewards section of the app. Oh, and drink responsibly folks!


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