Beer Lovers! There’s A New London-Based Craft Brewery And Taproom In Town

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones

Beer Lovers! There’s A New London-Based Craft Brewery And Taproom In Town

For those of you who are currently hankering for a pint (even if you’re reading this at 11.00am on a Thursday morning) we’ve got the perfect new place for you to grab a brew. Introducing Pillars Brewery, a London-based brewery founded by a group of four pals who wanted to bring tasty craft lager to our thirsty capital. They’ve now set up shop in Walthamstow, home to both their brewery and taproom, which opened to the public at the end of October.

Pillars started with four guys – Gavin, Omar, Eamonn and Samie –  a garden shed (which belonged to long-suffering Mum, Mrs Razaq) and a vision to create craft lager that was just as tasty as its ale counterparts. After much hopping-mad scientist experimenting, they perfected their first label, Untraditional Lager (4.5% ABV), which is a combination of a Pilsner and India Pale Ale.

tap room
And what better place to have your first taste of the unique pint than where it was made? The boys work, brew and serve up the beer from their Walthamstow brewery and Taproom, which is open every Friday 5pm-11:30pm and Saturday 2pm-11:00pm. The space itself is open plan, so you can have a nosey and see exactly where your pint was born. Local East London creatives have also done an awesome job in making the Taproom look factory-cool with some slick, vibrant artwork. Oh, and the Taproom is dog-friendly, so even your pooch can get a sniff of craft lager.

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