The Soho Bar That Just Serves Desserts And Drinks • Basement Sate

Basement Sate is a place where desserts and drinks live in perfect harmony.

Here at Secret London, we’re rather fond of cocktails (you may have noticed this). However, we think the good folks at Soho’s Basement Sate have found a way to make them even better. Best of all, they’ve done it without resorting to serving them in an umbrella/shoe/reclaimed Victorian tea set (I’m looking at you, Shoreditch). All they’ve added is an equally winning sweet treat. Sweet treats that look like this, in fact:

Photo: @basementsate

That would be Banoffee, featuring muscovado chocolate, banana sponge cake, dulce de leche, and coffee chantilly. Just before you start drooling, pair that with Basement Sate’s recommended cocktail: Aromatherapy, made with bourbon, honey, and eucalyptus. Perhaps even more impressive is their take on Carrot Cake.

Photo: @basementsate

For sheer theatre, however, Basement Sate’s chocolate cigar is just fire. Honestly, it may actually be on fire.

Photo: @basementsate

The whole range of desserts is pretty as a picture, as you can see.

Photo: @basementsate

In the face of all this deliciousness, it’s good to know that the cocktails hold their own. Matcha Picchu and Drop The Beet are intriguing concoctions, but we like the sound of Pearls, clearly designed for the utterly fabulous amongst us. A combination of gin, chartreuse, absinthe, champagne, and mint, it just screams Soho extravagance.

Photo: @basementsate

In fact, the only excuse not to have a cocktail is if you’re sampling one of Basement Sate’s eight gin and tonics. Yep, eight, count ’em!

Photo: @basementsate

If you aren’t completely liquored out by evening’s end, then you can grab one of their takeaway cocktails. Why have coffee on the go when you can have a Coffee Negroni to go? Every bit as satisfying as a greasy kebab…

Photo: @basementsate

With all this decadence on offer, you’re sure to leave sated. As long as you can find it first, because Basement Sate is hidden from the street. However, just look for this sign, and you’ll know you’ve come to the right spot.

Photo: @actofbeing

If that sign leaves you feeling disappointed, you’ve clearly come to the wrong place. Hey, we’re not here to judge. Maybe have a dessert and a cocktail to get over it?

Location: 8 Broadwick Street, Soho, W1F 8HN. Nearest station is Tottenham Court Road. See them on Google Maps.
Opening hours: 6pm-12am (Sunday to Monday), 6pm-1:30am (Tuesday to Saturday).
Price: free to enter, but you’re advised to book in advance. Desserts are £6-10, cocktails go for £7-12.
More information: check their website.

Featured image: @basementsate

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