This Lovely London Bakery Is Live Streaming Baking Tutorials On Instagram

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler - Staff Writer

This Lovely London Bakery Is Live Streaming Baking Tutorials On Instagram

If you’re stuck at home like most of us, chances are you’ll be a) looking for something to do, and b) craving something sweet.

So, thanks to the wondrous ways of technology, there’s a drool-worthy proposition available to all — courtesy of Bread Ahead. (Featured image: @breadaheadbakery)

Anyone who loves baking—or just anyone who loves cake or has a sweet tooth, to be honest—should be all over this. London bakery Bread Ahead is live streaming baking tutorials. So quarantine-or-no-quarantine, you can become as good as the professionals. Plus, most importantly, you’ll get some heavenly droplets to snack on out of it. Seems like they’re bread ahead of the game…

Hey, maybe you could add this to your growing list of skills you must accomplish before the lockdown ends. Whatever your motives, have a scroll through their Instagram or watch our video at the brilliant bakery to get an idea of what you’ll be whipping up!

The doughnuts really do look out of this world, don’t they?

Their first workshop commenced with a tutorial on how to make these bad boys. If you missed it, don’t fret! It’s available on their Insta story for at least 24 hours. Plus, you can tune in tomorrow (March 19) to make some doughy focaccia, Tuesday (March 24) for delectable chocolate brownies, and much more across the next few weeks. You can even tune in—just in time for Easter—to their hot cross bun making tutorial on March 29.

If you’re up to the challenge or just want a variety of lockdown delights, get yourself over to their Instagram to tune in. Heat up those ovens, tie up those aprons and follow along to whip up the best in the game!

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