Backyard Cinema’s Sci-Fi Season Will Be Out Of This World

Backyard Cinema’s next batch of films are so extra, they’re extraterrestrial.

Winter blues got you in a black hole? We’ve found something to send your spirits soaring – all the way to the stars, in fact. In the distant galaxy known as Southwark, one rogue cinema is planning a new mission that will take them to the heavens and beyond. Backyard Cinema have announced their upcoming Mission to Mars season, and we’re feeling a little spaced out by it all.

Whilst details of the launch are scarce, Backyard Cinema are promising to send us into space, with our favourite sci-fi films coming along for the ride. It’s an immersive experience, so don’t expect Milky Ways left on your seat and glow in the dark stars stuck to the ceiling, oh no. Having seen their excellent Miami Beach, Lost World, and Snow Kingdom iterations, we’re sure this will be a real supernova.

Previous Backyard Cinema themes: Snow Kingdom, Miami Beach and Lost World

Hollywood loves a romp through space, which has led to an impressive lineup. Screenings include E.T., Independence Day, Gravity, Alien, Space Jam, and Rogue One – and that’s barely scratching the surface of what’s on offer. Seems like gravity is no obstacle for Backyard Cinema, as they continue their rocket ride through the London cinema scene.

Communications from beyond the stars have revealed what the Mission to Mars set will look like.

Happily, Backyard Cinema’s seriously swish bean bag chairs are fully equipped to survive in space, so you’ll be able to travel in comfort and style. Nervous flyers can also pick up a cocktail from the bar, which should soothe those worries nicely. Mission to Mars kicks off on March 21stearly bird tickets are already available, and you’re going to need one to board this starship. It’s one small step for man, just down the Bakerloo line to Elephant & Castle.

Location: Mercato Metropolitano, 42 Newington Causeway, SE1 6DR. Nearest stations: Borough or Elephant & Castle. Find it on Google Maps.
Opening hours: open Tues-Sun, screening times vary.
Price: Tickets from £17.50.
More information: head to their website.

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