Backpack Wearing Pigeons Are Monitoring London’s Air Pollution

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones

Backpack Wearing Pigeons Are Monitoring London’s Air Pollution

Since Monday, half a dozen racing pigeons have been flying around London’s skies as part of a 3 day campaign to monitor the levels of nitrogen dioxide in the air. The 6 birds took off from their ‘HQ’ in Brick Lane at the beginning of the week. And these little cuties are certainly shaking up the way we look at the capital’s most common creature.



Pigeon lovers – you have no need to fear! Rest assured these birds are extremely well cared for. Racing pigeons receive considerable amounts of attention and, because of this, they tend to live 4 times longer than street pigeons. And Brian (pictured above), the owner of the 6 birds tackling the city’s environmental issues, makes sure that they are well looked after. They even have a vet dedicated to their health.

[Pigeon Air Patrol]

The birds finish their campaign today, after flying around with tiny feather-light backpacks, which are fully equipped with a 35 g sensor and GPS  tracker. The birds have also taken to Twitter! For those who have tweeted in and asked for a reading, the birds have been ‘tweeting’ back their findings.


Featured image credit: Digitas LBI

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