It’s Back To The Future Day! The 3 Best Spots To Watch The Movie In London

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It’s Back To The Future Day! The 3 Best Spots To Watch The Movie In London

It’s Back To The Future Day! And by that, we don’t mean it’s just another pointless national day that has minimal effect on your existence. (It’s also National Apple Day, didn’t you know)? Oh no. Wednesday October 21st marks the day in the second film when Doc and Marty landed in a very different 2015 to the one that we are currently living in – meaning the future has become the present and we’re guessing you’re suddenly feeling a bit old…

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Although Nike may have thrown a teaser out with a possible pair of self-tying trainers, we have a feeling the film makers may be feeling a bit underwhelmed with our present reality. There’s certainly no sign of flying cars yet and swegways, which have been controversially made illegal to ride in public, DEFINITELY can’t be classed as hover boards. If there’s wheels on the ground, it doesn’t count.

Celebrate this momentous occasion by getting yourself down to one of the many screenings of Back To The Future II that are happening across the capital today…


1. Pop-Up Cinema, Corbet Place


Match has teamed up with Corbet Place Bar to create a themed pop-up cinema. The bar is being transformed into a 1980’s joint and we’ve heard rumours that a very special guest will be attending… One of the most iconic cars in the film world, The DeLorean, will be on location for fans to take selfies with and make the evening that bit more special.

Corbet Place, 15 Hanbury Street, E1 6QR, 6.30pm


2. Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Square

This wonderful independent cinema in Leicester Square is showing three screenings of the film today. Tickets for the evening showings are sold out but there are still ones available this afternoon. We couldn’t think of a better reason to take the afternoon off work…

7 Leicester Place, WC2H 7BY, 4pm


3. Everyman Cinema (Multiple Locations)

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Don’t get too excited, the film will only be showing at Muswell Hill, Barnet and Canary Wharf. But if you’re in the area – or if you’re simply a super fan – then the Everyman cinemas are a pretty cosy way to spend a rainy day.

See their website for details

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