London’s Crowdfunded Baby Trump Blimp Is Now A Reality

Guy Parsons Guy Parsons

Trump Baby

The big balloon – with tiny hands – is ready to take to the skies.

London knows how to do the biggest and best crowdfunding projects, believe me. When it was announced that Donald Trump would be visiting the UK this July, activist Leo Murray had AN IDEA.

He wanted to create a giant floating baby Trump to quietly float in proximity to the Prez. Here was a sketch:

Trump Baby Blimp

A crowd-funded campaign was launched, and in just a few weeks, over £15,000 has been raised from 1,000 different backers

Which means…

Wait for it…

It’s here, baby!

Trump Baby Protest Balloon

The bulbous blimp has been successfully constructed in a secret warehouse location, and stands (well, floats) ready for his big aerial debut on July 13.

More recently, he was seen enjoying some fresh air in the Martin Luther King Jr. Playground in Islington.

Trump Baby UK
Photo: @trumpbabyuk

During the protest itself, the balloon will be filled with helium, to enable it to fly 30 metres in the air. One problem: the Mayor’s office is currently refusing permission for the piece to be floated from Parliament Square, insisting that it doesn’t count as ‘a protest.’

London Trump Protest Baby

In response, activists have launched a petition calling on City Hall to reverse their position, which has already amassed over 9,800 signatures; meanwhile, efforts are underway to find an alternative tethering site in central London, like a large private garden. Maybe the Queen would be up for getting involved? We’ll see!

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