13 Awkward Moments Every Londoner Has Endured

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13 Awkward Moments Every Londoner Has Endured

We’re talking about those moments that get you all peachy and hot in the face.

But only the first couple of times they happen. After that you just start embracing the awkward.


1. Running for the tube, missing it and feeling the smirky glares from the people who did make it, or just didn’t even bother trying.


2. Running for the tube and making it, but standing there for 5 minutes before the doors even close.

3. Being closer with a fellow tube passenger than your own boyfriend.

4. And they’ve eaten a cheese and onion sandwich for lunch.


5. Being confident that you’ve got enough money on your oyster card and power walking into the barriers with all guns blazing. But nope. Denied.

6. Eyeing up a seat on the tube, going for it, and then realising someone from the other end of the carriage has had the same idea. And they’re just that little bit faster than you.


7. Overtaking someone and thinking you’re faster than them, but totally misjudging it and walking side by side for a bit too long.

8. Accidentally touching someone else’s hand on the rail on the tube.

9. Thinking you’ve totally nailed the tube surf, before the tube comes to an unexpected halt and you go flying… right into somebody’s crotch.


10. When somebody in need of a seat gets on the tube and you have a silent battle with your fellow commuters over who is going to give up theirs.

11. Walking up the escalators thinking “I’ve got this” but, half way up, it turns out you don’t got this, and you have to sneak over to the right hand side in shame and pools of sweat.


12. Feeling someone gazing over your shoulder at your Evening Standard and not wanting to turn the page in case they haven’t finished reading yet.

13. And not to forget the obvious: making brief yet intensely uncomfortable eye contact on the tube.



[Photo by Pedro Carballo]

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