Let’s Wine About It: The Average Cost Of A Bottle Of Wine Reaches An All-Time High

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This Brexit-related saga means that we’re all going to be handing over a few more pennies than usual to snag our favourite bottle of vino.

It has been announced that the average cost of a bottle of wine has risen more in the past 12 weeks than in the previous 2 years, and the news is worse than our worst ever hangover.

“Why do bad things have to happen to good people?”, you may ask. Well the main reasons for this are due to the fact that Britain is one of the world’s leading wine importers and, post-Brexit, the sterling pound has only fallen in value.

Since the referendum, the average cost of a bottle of wine has now risen to £5.56, according to the Wine and Spirit Trade Association.

And there’s no use trying to swap and stomach a cheap Aldi alternative. The WSTA chief executive, Miles Beale has stated that “we are clear this is not a one-off adjustment, but rather that wine prices will continue to rise”. Grape news, right?


Feature Image: Rusty Gillespie.

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Morgan Cormack

Morgan Cormack

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