9 Amazing Art Exhibits To Visit In 2018

These art exhibits aren’t just for the arty-farty.

We canvassed London’s galleries for the best upcoming art exhibits – here’s what’s in the frame for 2018.

1. Picasso 1932 – Love, Fame, Tragedy

[Tate Modern]
When: March 8th – September 9th, 2018.
Where: Tate Modern, Bankside.
What: Picasso’s life was marked by high productivity, but 1932 stands out as an exceptionally productive year. Over one hundred works, including some of his most famous pieces, were created that year. You’ll be able to see them all at the first solo Picasso exhibition the Tate Modern has hosted.
Price: Adult tickets are £22 (£25 with donation), but members go free.

2. Andreas Gursky

[Andreas Gursky]
When: Open now, until 22nd of April 2018.
Where: Hayward Gallery, Southbank Centre.
What: The grand reopening of the Hayward Gallery is a retrospective of German photographer Andreas Gursky. His massive, intricately detailed photographs of capitalism and consumer culture are world-renowned. Fun fact: in 2011, his Rhein II became the most expensive photograph ever sold at auction, netting a cool $4.3 million.
Price: £14.50, or £16 with a suggested donation.

3. Age of Terror: Art since 9/11

Photo: @imperialwarmuseums

When: Open now, until May 28th 2018.
Where: Imperial War Museum, Lambeth.
What: How do we respond to conflict and terrorism? Amongst the most provocative of 2018’s art exhibits, Age of Terror will attempt to answer that question, exploring works by artists such as Grayson Perry, Ai Weiwei, and Mona Hatoum. Ideas about 9/11, surveillance, and drone warfare will be put under the microscope through sculpture, photography, and other installations.
Price: Adult tickets are £15.

4. Monet & Architecture

Photo: @national_gallery

When: April 9th – July 29th 2018.
Where: The National Gallery, Trafalgar Square.
What: “Girls don’t like boys, girls like cars and Monet”. Find at least one of those things at the National Gallery, where the first Monet exhibition in twenty years will focus on the painter’s obsession with architecture.
Price: Free for members, adult tickets from £18.90.

5. Somewhere in Between

Martina Amati’s ‘Under’, seen here at another location. Photo: @martinaamati_under

When: March 8th – August 27th 2018.
Where: Wellcome Collection, Euston.
What: Thought-provoking stuff from the Wellcome Collection. Four artists worked in tandem with scientists to produce immersive installations that uncover and challenge ourselves and our world. The four pieces will focus on the senses, food production, the limits of the body, and sexual health (which is rumoured to feature an alien orgy, no less).
Price: Free, gloriously free!

6. Michael Jackson: On the Wall

Photo: @nationalportraitgallery

When: June 28th – October 21st 2018.
Where: National Portrait Gallery, Covent Garden.
What: Honouring what would have been the King of Pop’s 60th birthday, this art exhibit pays tribute to all things Jacko. Works by more than forty artists will explore the effect Jackson had upon contemporary art, and we’re sure it will be a Thriller.
Price: Adult tickets are £18, or £20 with donation.

7. London Nights

Photo: @museumoflondon

When: May 11th – November 11th 2018.
Where: Museum of London, Barbican
What: London Nights is a photography series exploring the way our fair city looks when the sun goes down. Split in to three sections – London Illuminated, Dark Matters, and Switch On Switch Off – this collection explores the beauty, danger, and rhythms of the night. Photographs from the nineteenth century to present day will show you what London is really like after dark.
Price: You can pick up adult tickets from just £10.

8. Charles I: King and Collector

[Royal Academy of Arts]
When: Open now, until April 15th 2018.
Where: Royal Academy of Arts, Piccadilly.
What: This collection was broken up after the pesky removal of Charles’ head, but painstaking research and negotiations have got the band back together for one last show. Works by Titian, Van Dyck, and Rubens will feature in the grandest of art exhibits, which involves more than one hundred works of art.
Price: £20, or £18 if you knock off the donation.

9. Another Kind of Life

Photo: @barbicancentre

When: February 28th – May 27th 2018.
Where: Barbican Art Gallery, Barbican Centre.
What: A fascinating photography exhibit, Another Kind of Life explores the lives of people who live on the fringes of society. Outlaws, rebels, and non-conformists alike are represented here, from all over the world. Spanning the 1950s to now, this collection is certain to make you think about what it means to be an outsider.
Price: Tickets are £13.50.