A Cadbury Creme Egg Café Is Coming To London And It Looks Cracking

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London, you never cease to surprise us. On the 22nd January, a pop-up Creme Egg Café is opening on Greek Street, Soho. Despite not knowing how long it will be open for, or what exactly is going to be on the menu (we’re guessing a creamy, sweet, chocolate egg-shaped treat will feature somewhere?), we await this sensational, and somewhat niche, eatery with egg-streme anticipation.

[Hot Chocolate Hits]
We definitely hope there’s some of this…

[Net Mums]
And this…

[Lavender and Lovage]

This café is just the most recent of the ‘quirky‘ venues that have popped up (quite literally) in London over the past few years. And we bet some people aren’t happy about it – and not just those that don’t like Creme Eggs – remember the anti-gentrification” attacks” that took place over the cereal café, Cereal Killers? Bets on how many clever clogs ‘hatch’ plans to go egging this time…not one of our best ‘yolks’, we know.

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Lucy Bloxham

Lucy Bloxham

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