A Body’s for Life, Not Just for Summer: Ravercise, Dog Yoga and Spin Parties

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A weekly look at health and lifestyle in the capital, from super-foods to ‘yogging’ (jogging or yogging, it might be a soft j). Today, we look at 3 original and slightly bonkers ways to exercise: ravercise, yoga with dogs and party cycling.


1) Ravercise

[Brixton Buzz]
Ever been out raving really hard, and thought, ‘woah, burning so many calories here, this should be an exercise class’? Well you’re not the only one. The raving mad team over at ‘Ravercise’ have decided to put together a bass-thumping, body-pumping 60 minutes of intensive training. See their website for rave reviews from aficionados like Lara in Hackney and Jill in Kingston Upon Thames, and book now (you’d be raving mad not to).


2) Doga

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It seems there is no end to the things you can do with dogs. Yoga with dogs, or Doga, is the latest in a long line of man’s best friend activities. Why not push the boat out and get your pooch groomed first, before taking a Doga class and finishing the day with a well-earned dog beer (yes it actually exist – look up ‘Snuffle’). Featured on Made in Chelsea, ITV This Morning and Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch, Doga must have done something to bark up the right tree.


3) Edge Cycle

Edge Cycle
[Women’s Fitness]

Another one that we found on Fever, cycling enthusiasts Edge have put their spin on the tyred world of indoor bikes. Puns aside, they run intensive cycling classes, incorporating different exercises and various themes. There’s a fight club class, a yoga class and a Latin dance class, all combining different components with the traditional spinning element. They also have a special party event with lights, music and drinks, which you can get on the guestlist for. Because why wouldn’t you want to try a cycling party? (Go on, do it…)


So there’s a few ideas to get started with. Or to completely ignore for now, saying ‘exercise isn’t really my thing, I get claustrophobic/agoraphobia/anthrophobia/panic attacks’. Don’t worry, we’ll come right back at you next week with a few more workouts that will set your imagination running, if not your legs. For a few more inventive fitness ideas, click here.


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