9 London Phone Boxes That Have Been Given A New Lease Of Life

Lily Frohlich Lily Frohlich


Phone box libraries, coffee shops, and cash machines? Take a look at the quirkiest phone box conversions in the capital.

Let’s be honest, while we all love the look of these bright red phone boxes, nobody has actually used one to make an actual phone call since Nokia released their first brick-shaped mobile. The sad truth is that most phone boxes don’t work. They also tend to smell like public toilets. But don’t worry, because we’ve put together a round-up of the coolest converted phone boxes in the capital…

1. ‘Out of Order’ sculpture by David Mach in Kingston:

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This modern art piece originally sprang up in 1989 and it definitely adds some much needed glamour to the otherwise slightly uninspiring streets of Kingston.

2. This overgrown beauty outside Guy’s Hospital:

3. This cash machine phone box in Borough Market:

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This one makes withdrawing your hard-earned cash just a little bit less painful!

4. Spier’s Salads phone box in Bloomsbury Square:

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This little box has unfortunately shut up shop, but you can find Spier’s Salads at a new, less quirky locale in St James’ Park Station.

5. This lavender lighthouse in Mayfield Lavender Fields:

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If you’re happy to venture a short way out of London to Banstead (south of Croydon) you’ll find this little beauty at Mayfield Lavender Farm.

6. A coffee shop box in Hampstead:

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This pop-up caffeine stop is called Kape Barako and you’ll find it on Hampstead High Street.

7. Flower box outside Archway Library:

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8. Lewisham Micro Library:

This one popped up in 2013 and it’s been a Lewisham institution ever since. Proving that even Londoners can manage to adhere to an honesty system and refrain from vandalism. You can find it on Loampit Hill on the corner of Tyrwhitt Road. 

9. Andrea Tyrimos’s Living Box:

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This eye-catching street art can be found on Southampton Row and features a wall of natural foliage.

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