9 Inanimate London Objects That You Should Probably Follow On Twitter

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9 Inanimate London Objects That You Should Probably Follow On Twitter

If you’re not already following these accounts on Twitter, get to it. They will (probably not) change your life.


1. Big Ben

It’s pointless, needless, but absolutely not a waste of time. (And we’re interested to see what will happen when Big Ben goes silent at some point this year…)

2. The Horniman Walrus

The Horniman Walrus is quite the poet, if you didn’t know it. As for his friend Dippy, you could follow him, but he’s not very funny. And also he’s leaving so he doesn’t count anymore.

3. Here’s a peek at our American guest who will be replacing Dippy this year…

Hopefully us Brits will take over her account… and perhaps even give her a name.


4. The ever-brilliant, Dolphin Pub.

Expect lots of effing and blinding. And the odd political outburst. 


5. The Trafalgar Tree

A seasonal tweeter, so he’ll be out of business for a while. What’s better than the Trafalgar Tree himself, though, is the tweets about the Trafalgar Tree, written by people who were, erm, slightly disappointed with his appearance.


6. The Glass Jar of Moles at the Grant Museum of Zoology

Because why shouldn’t they have their own Twitter account? They’re very wise.


7. The Southbank Centre’s Singing Lift

Again, why the hell not?


8. Greenwich Mean Time

GMT is a bit bipolar, and can’t often make up his mind. But it can *sometimes* be uplifting.

9. Larry the Cat

Okay, so Larry is very animate… but we weren’t going to change the title of the post just for him. Larry lives at number 10 with Theresa, and you should follow him for regular Farage insults and jokes about Trump. 

Feature Image: Flickr/ChrisA1995 and @big_ben_clock

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