8 Things Guaranteed To Make Even The Scroogiest Londoner Feel Christmassy

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8 Things Guaranteed To Make Even The Scroogiest Londoner Feel Christmassy

Christmas is officially less than a week away. We may not have done all of our Christmas shopping, but we sure are in the festive spirit. Well, most of us are anyway. If you’re lagging behind and feeling a bit bah humbug, then frankly you’re wrong. Just take a look around you! Lights are shining, wine is mulling, dinners are roasting… and we refuse to believe that anyone can be a Scrooge when they’re faced with a pig in a blanket.


1. Head to the city’s most festive pub. (That’s an official title, by the way).

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The Churchill Arms in Kensington is the one and only boozer that is guaranteed to turn you from Scrooge to spirited in less than 3 pints… 


2. You don’t have to go to Oxford Street to experience London’s festive charm…

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There’s nothing like hordes of frantic shoppers to destroy your Christmas spirit. We recommend finding a slightly less populated street or market, such as Leadenhall Market (see above). There may not be a Primark, but there’s a cracking Christmas tree and not nearly as many humans.


3. Scoff a mince pie and drink some mulled wine

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You’ll be feeling fabulously festive (and probably slightly tipsy) in no time…


4. Or go out for a big ole’ Christmas feast

Crackers are compulsory, of course. (Or you can opt for a festive burger instead).


5. Go to a London Christmas market

It may sound like a cliché but we bet you’ll love it. (For a start, most of them have Bratwursts). This one is the lesser known Tate Modern Christmas market. 


6. Go ice skating in London by one of the city’s most iconic landmarks
[Tower of London]

There’s an ice bar serving mulled cider, Gluhwein and hot chocolate. We dare you not to feel festive after that. 

Buy your tickets here.


7. Wear a Christmas jumper

It’s impossible to feel Scroogy whilst wearing a Christmas jumper. That’s a promise.


8. Go and see A Christmas Carol at the Arts Theatre.

Yes, we’re trying to be ironic… but maybe watching Ebenezer will make you feel less like Ebenezer. (You know, sort of like how the only way of getting a song out of your head is by listening to it).

Buy your tickets here.


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