8 Things All Londoners Are Praying Will Actually Happen In 2016

Tabby Powell-Tuck Tabby Powell-Tuck

2015 was a year of empty promises, as far as we’re concerned. But let’s stay hopeful as we enter the new year… Come on TfL, we believe in you.


1. The night tube will open


No but like, it actually will. No excuses this time. Those pesky little owls got us all excited and even when the night tube was postponed back in September, we still remained hopeful. Now all positivity is starting to wane – all we know is that if we’re still taking the night bus by April, it’s not going to be pretty.


2. We’ll all by cycling underground to work by the end of the year


The ‘London Underline’ won Best Conceptual Project of the year back in 2015 and the proposed network of underground cycle paths certainly got a massive thumbs up from you all. Not surprising really, considering the system would include restaurants lining the way, click-and-collect points for online shopping (say whaaat) AND kinetic paving. We’re saying prayers every night for this one…


3. Scrap that, we’ll all be GLIDING to work by the end of the year


Rumour has it that there were plans to turn the Circle Line into one giant moving walkway, complete with three speed lanes and cafes lining the sides. Design director Christian Coop described it as being a ‘considerably quicker, more enjoyable and healthier’ journey, and we just think FUN! Besides, we find the prospect of no more squishy-squashy tube carriages very moving indeed (see what we did there…)


4. The Central Line will have air conditioning by the summer

With 2016 set to be the hottest year on record, we feel it’s time to take a stand (and also get a seat, from time to time). How can we even begin to entertain ideas about moving walkways and night tubes when we’re still spending half of summer nearly boiling to death? Marathon running is great; looking like you’ve just wracked up 26 miles on the treadmill before work = not so hot.


5. That ‘new rule’ at Holborn will be fiercely rejected.
You what?

We’re Londoners, and we’re pretty stuck in our ways so when this new rule was trialled at Holborn towards the end of 2015, we kind of freaked out. STAND ON BOTH SIDES? BOTH? Next thing we know they’ll be telling us to feed the pigeons or to pay no attention to the gap. This is one crazy invention that we’re praying will absolutely not happen this year. And if the rule stays in Holborn? We boycott. Simple as. We always preferred changing at Bank anyway…


6. The Garden Bridge won’t be a colossal waste of money


…and we’ll all spend our afternoons happily crossing the River Thames, smelling the roses and taking selfies with the, um, foliage? Oh and not thinking about the fact that it cost us £30 million…. Positive attitudes people. ?


7. The price of our money coffee won’t increase…

[Caravan King’s Cross/Time Out]
Don’t think we haven’t noticed you, with your extra 15p (and no extra shot). Prices are creeping up all around us but if we have to shell out anymore than the already ABSURD cost of a cappuccino then we’re going to relocate. (Preferably to somewhere that still knows what a flat white is).


8. Someone SOMEWHERE will solve the horrific housing problem

When we saw this London Underground Rent Map, we nearly gave up on life altogether. The fact that the average rent for a one bedroom flat in London is now over £1500 and that the same could get you a 4 bedroom house with sea views in Scotland is simply not okay. If it gets worse this year? We don’t really know what we’ll do. Because we’re not moving to Scotland.

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