8 Of The Sassiest Signs You’ve Ever Seen On The London Underground

Tabby Powell-Tuck Tabby Powell-Tuck

8 Of The Sassiest Signs You’ve Ever Seen On The London Underground

TFL has officially turned their sass-factor up. We can’t tell if they’re just trying to brighten a commuter’s day, or if all this talk of 24-hour tubes has gone to their heads. Either way, they’re bringing more sass than Taylor Swift served up to Kanye in her Grammy’s speech. Here’s some of their saucier moments:


1. When High Street Kensington got on its intellectual high horse.

In other words, the service on the Circle Line that day was a bit crap… For a change.


2. When the escalator broke and everyone nearly died.

Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, TFL.


3. When the underground got all emotionally empowered.



4. …and then they got all deep and complex.

Just. So. Profound.


5. So deep that we almost drowned.

Wait. Now they’re just taking the piss.


6. And then they started spreading vicious rumours.chewbacca

I always knew weird stuff was going down on the Metropolitan line.


7. Until eventually they just stopped using real words.

Chewbacca = total babe.


And then finally…


8. South Kensington took it too far.

TFL. Saying it like it is since ’13.

(Okay it’s a spoof. But it’s amazing.)


For more TFL banter, have a look at this hilarious spoof Twitter account.

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