Here Are 8 Of London’s Best Doughnuts Because It’s National Doughnut Week

Lily Frohlich Lily Frohlich


It’s national doughnut week and we know you do-nut want to miss this excellent opportunity to pig out! The 6th to the 13th May might just be the most delicious week of the year, so we’ve put together a list of eight of the best places in London to enjoy your favourite sweet treat. Enough options to allow you at least one delicious doughnut per day…


1. Ben’s Canteen

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Get stuck into a bit of doughnut DIY at Ben’s Canteen! This hands-on doughnut dish is almost as fun to assemble as it is to eat. The doughnuts come with chocolate sauce, strawberry jam and maple & vanilla custard. Oh, and 50p from each doughnut that’s sold will be donated to Wandsworth Food Bank. Win win!


2. Red Dog Saloon

These bacon covered beauties will finally help you understand North America’s obsession with maple bacon! Red Dog Saloon has three branches across the city, bringing a true taste of the USA to central London. Y’all are gonna love it!


3. Pizza Union

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Pizza Union‘s ‘Classico’ ring is made with pizza dough and filled with a mixture of creamy mascarpone and gooey Nutella… Do we even need to say any more about this incredible creation? Didn’t think so. It’s just pure, unadulterated heaven.


4. Crosstown Doughnuts

This place has it all. A doughnut filled with kiwi and green apple compote and topped with white chocolate and mint? Check. A matcha green tea doughnut? You got it. A beetroot doughnut with a lemon-thyme glaze? OMG yes! Crosstown Doughnuts might just be the quirky queen of the London doughnut scene.


5. Dum Dum Doughnuts

Seriously though, we challenge you to take a look at this picture of these crême brûlée bombshells from Dum Dum Doughnuts and not feel instantly ravenous! We know you’ve already failed. But, to be fair, who could turn down a doughnut coated in caramelised sugar? Not us.


6. Waffle Paradise

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Waffle Paradise brings you an alternative way to enjoy the humble doughnut: on top of an ice cream sandwich on top of a milkshake, covered with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and all the trimmings! Less is definitely not more with this one, so make sure you have an empty stomach and a sweet tooth.


7. Bird

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Bird offers you fresh, yeast-risen doughnuts that are made by hand. And lots of them! They even come stuffed with a mountain of fluffy whipped cream. Another sweet treat that’s probably not for the faint hearted!


8. The Blues Kitchen

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These doughnuts might look like bakery basics to the casual observer, but a bite into these bad boys will reveal their outrageous Oreo filling! The Blues Kitchen dessert doughnuts even come with a pot of salted caramel dipping sauce. You won’t find these anywhere else in London, so you might as well treat yourself, right?

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