8 Friends That Everyone In London Desperately Needs

Georgie Hoole Georgie Hoole - EXECUTIVE EDITOR

8 Friends That Everyone In London Desperately Needs

Having a bad day? Need somebody to share a bottle of wine with? Overwhelmed by the distinct lack of money in your bank account? These are just a few examples of situations you will almost definitely have found yourself in if you’re living in London. Here’s a list of 8 friends who will help you through the tough times and will be right by your side for the good times…

1. The thrifty friend.

The one who knows all of the cheap spots, always finds the good Groupon deals, and will treat you to a pizza when they’ve collected enough Clubcard points. Because London is pricey and saving money takes a lot of skill and effort.

2. The “let’s get shots!” friend.

Because tequila is a lot more fun in pairs. Especially when you’re both stood at the bar in Cargo contemplating why on earth you just paid £20 to get in.

3. Especially if they’re the “don’t worry I’ll pay” friend, too.


Because we live in London and drinks ain’t cheap. We’ll return the favour when we’re rich and famous. Or when we’re just a little bit more drunk…

4. The friend with all the gossip.


Because it’s always funnier when it’s somebody else’s drunken mistake.

5. The friend who’s on a diet.

So they can inspire you to swap your cheeky Nando’s for a kale salad. Maybe…

6. The friend who isn’t on a diet.

Because being healthy is not always fun and sometimes you just need someone to scoff a tub of Ben and Jerry’s with. Or a tub each, of course…

7. The “let’s have wine and camembert for dinner” friend.


Because sometimes you have bad days and cheese and alcohol is the only way to cheer you up. And sometimes you have good days and you need to celebrate with alcohol and cheese.

8. The even-more-broke-than-you friend.

Just to make you feel better about your own financial situation, you know? And you also need someone to sit and watch trashy TV with while everybody else is out spending the big bucks at Sushi Samba. You may be skint, but at least you have each other…

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