8 Breathtaking London Spots To Watch The Sunset For Summer Solstice

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8 Breathtaking London Spots To Watch The Sunset For Summer Solstice

“Sunset is the opening music of the night” Ildan. What better way to see off the longest day of the year (Summer Solstice, 20th June), than to watch the sun set on the city. Whether or not you decide to share this moment with an unfortunate Bumble date is totally up to you…


1. Richmond Park

Picture of Richmond Park
The largest of London’s Royal Parks draws you in through its serenity.  It was originally created as a deer park and renders nature reserve status, so cars and dogs are strictly prohibited.  A great place to hike, settle with a picnic and then experience the moment our ball of fire descends in to the darkness.


2. Epping Forest, Epping

Escape the humidity and noise of London and head North East to Epping Forest.  Only an hour’s drive away from Central London, it is worth the elopement to inhale some fresh hair.  Hear the birds tweeting and trees rustling while you watch the fiery hues disperse across the sky.  Perhaps even camp for the night.  Check out this website for good camping spots.


3. Alexandra Palace

Catch the dreamy summer sunset at Alexandra Palace and you will be truly mesmerised.  Perhaps arrive early on international yoga day on the 19th of June to enjoy a free session then stay for the sunset and you will feel totally rejuvenated.


4. The Roof Terrace, One New Change, The City

For awe-inspiring sunset views of The Shard, St. Paul’s Cathedral and The City zoom up in a glass lift and arrive at a terrace open to the public.  Still relatively unknown to tourists, this is a great spot to enjoy a cocktail or bite to eat at Madison’s.  A lively atmosphere, make sure you book a table in advance (here).  The crowd is often suited and booted so make sure you look smart to fit in.


5. The Sky Garden, Fenchurch Street

Uniquely different, this exclusive setting of London’s highest public garden offers jaw dropping views.  The interior is spectacular and it’s all free.  It is however advisable to make the bookings up to two weeks in advance and don’t forget your ID.  Book here. The garden also raises money to help people in disadvantaged parts of London into work so you can drink that cocktail guilt free!

6. Primrose Hill

Clamber up the hill and perch down on the green carpet with a bottle of Prosecco.  Stare up at the incandescent sky and watch the day end.  When the sun has gone to bed, stroll down the hill and into The Queen’s to complete you evening with a night cap.


7. The Roof Gardens, Kensington

For panoramic sunset views over West London, this garden is an idyllic setting.  Treat yourself to a cocktail or, if you’re peckish, then a meal at the sophisticated Babylon restaurant.  There is even a pond home to four glamorous flamingos.  An enchanting garden with a rich backdrop is the perfect spot for a secret smooch.


8. The Heron Tower

Fly up into the clouds in a glass rocket and arrive at the highest restaurant in the UK.  On the 40th floor lies the Duck and Waffle.  You can sit and admire twilight dropping her curtain down behind a glorious London.  It’s also open for 24 hours so if you have a full wallet and good company, then maybe you can last until sunrise too.  See you there. Wink.

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