7 Things That Londoners Take Ridiculously Seriously

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7 Things That Londoners Take Ridiculously Seriously

Us Londoners can’t help to feel extremely passionate about certain things. To Non-Londoners, some of these might seem bizarre or even a little obsessive, but like it or not, we just can’t help but take these things ridiculously seriously…


1. Pop-ups

We all love a Pop-up and London definitely has a lot to chose from. Pop-up art galleries, pop-up bars, pop-up avocado puree cinema experience and so forth. We’re not actually sure the last one exists but we wouldn’t be surprised if it does soon! Simply put the phrase ‘pop-up’ in front of literally any word and Londoners will start queuing for it, which brings us nicely onto our next point…


2. Queuing

It’s well known that the British love a good queue, so much so that we’re actually the only country with two words for it! Londoners in particular have a special disdain reserved for queue jumpers, especially those who push ahead of us to get on the tube.


3. Food trends

‘Have you tried a Freak Shake?’ ‘Have you been to the Nutella pop-up yet?’ ‘Did you know there’s a cheese evening coming to Borough Market?’┬áMaybe it’s because we’re all desperately trying to be the ‘current’ one in our friendship groups, or maybe we’re just all foodies at heart…Whatever the reasons, it seems we’re willing to try just about anything (as long as we’ll get a good instagram out of it!)


4. The Tube

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Using the tube should honestly come with a detailed rule book. We all know the annoyance of being stuck behind someone standing on the left of the escalators or, god forbid, meandering along at a docile pace. We don’t know why we care so much… but we do okay so just walk a little faster for fucks sake and please have your Oyster ready when you reach the barriers!!


5. Delays

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Not only do Londoners take the tube ridiculously seriously, but we view delays as the single worse thing that could ever happen to us. We know that if a train is cancelled it’s probably only 1 or 2 minutes until the next one arrives but we are just far too busy and important to wait that long.


6. The weather

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Whenever it rains, which is basically always, it seems that Londoners just can’t help themselves from greeting everyone with ‘miserable day isn’t it?’ or ‘ducks weather out there!’ It’s driven by the same sort of impulse we get to ask taxi drivers ‘been busy tonight?!’ We just can’t help ourselves.


7. London

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You may not talk shit about London unless you are a Londoner yourself. It’s only okay when we do it.



Feature Image: [flickr: Martin Hesketh]

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