7 Scottish Mansions You Could Get For The Price Of A London Flat

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7 Scottish Mansions You Could Get For The Price Of A London Flat

We all know how ridiculous property prices are in London — in fact we don’t ever stop blabbering on about it. The classic response is “So why don’t you move to Scotland if you think it’s so awful?” and, after reading this and having a little cry, we think we bloody well might.


1. This beautiful Victorian mansion in Glasgow would cost you £2.75 million.

It has 11 bedrooms, a gatehouse, a boathouse, and 340 acres of land.


Meanwhile, you could buy yourself this cosy north London flat for £2.85 million…

And you can sod your 11 bedrooms, this one has 3.


2. This stunning Scottish castle will set you back just £2.5 million…

It’s got a gym, beautiful landscaped gardens, equestrian facilities, and a toilet in a turret — what more could you want?


But why would you want that when you could have a perfectly decent 3-bed flat for £2.6 million?

It hasn’t even been built yet. That’s kinda exciting, right?


3. This fairytale castle is a slightly pricier £3.9 million…

But it comes with 13 bedrooms, a library, a cinema, an effing ballroom (!!!), 309 acres of land, a coachhouse and stable block, and fishing access along the River Doon.


4. But, then again, who needs the luxury of a cinema and a ballroom? We’ll just settle for this London flat at £4.35 million if you don’t mind…

It’s only a few hundred thousand pounds more…


4. This breathtaking castle, set in a Scottish National Park, will cost you just £1.65 million…

It has some stunning Victorian gardens, a tennis court, a vaulted dining hall, and a great hall.


Mind you, for just £1.6 million, this London flat is also pretty breathtaking…

As in it’s taking our breath away because it’s just such a bloody bargain, of course.


5. This amazing Scottish mansion will make you feel like a princess for just £1.1 million…

…making it the cheapest property in this list. It comes with 11 bedrooms, 8 reception rooms, equestrian facilities and a beautiful courtyard.


But who needs turrets to make them feel like a royal? You could just get your hands on this snug little flat for £1.45 million, instead.

And maybe living in Marylebone will help you to pronounce Marylebone…


6. This huge 10-bed mansion in Ayrshire will cost you £1.95 million…

And they’ll even chuck in a 7-bed cottage for free.


But that’s just a bit excessive, don’t you think? We’d much prefer this 3-bed for £2.4 million, please.

It’s, er, quaint.


7. And lastly, we could pay £1.85 million for this stunning Scottish property…

It’s got 12 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 4 cottages, garage space for 13 cars, and a gorgeous Victorian glasshouse…


But surely anyone in their right mind would choose this little flat for the Wapping* price of £1.9 million instead?

*It’s in Wapping… we’re hilarious.

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